I need to lose belly fat!!!

I hear that all the time from potential clients.

There’s a problem with losing belly fat alone.


You can’t lose fat in one particular area. You have to lose it uniformly throughout your whole


Not only that, it’s your genetics that will dictate where you’ll lose weight from and how quick

you’ll lose it.

So why write this ebook?

Here’s why - You’ll never know how your body will respond until you try !

So let’s dig in!

Hi, I’m Steve McKinney

Steve has been in the fitness industry for nearly 25 years. He is the owner of Fitness And More, Inc. and is a 1st Class Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. In 1990 he won the Mr.Southern Illinois Body Building title and was a top 5 finisher in the Mr. Midwest competition. He is the innovator of the 3-W System of Fitness and has personally supervised over 4000 workouts per year for the past twenty plus years! Steve specializes in private 1-2-1 High Intensity Training sessions.

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